Handlaunch University

A collection of videos and articles to help you learn the art of thermal soaring with handlaunch gliders!


2008 Polecat Challenge Pro/Am Clinic (30 min.)

Courtesy of Chris Lee of the Mississippi Valley Soaring Assoc.

Also, read Chris and Mark Gauding’s report on the 2008 Polecat Challenge

2008 Polecat Challenge Clips

Courtesy of Paul Naton

Bruce Davidson – “Turn & Burn”

Paul Anderson – “Gripit & Ripit”

Paul Anderson – “Threading the Needle”


NEW! What’s Wrong with my DLG?!

Dr. Denny gives you the straight dope on diagnosing an out-of-whack DLG.

Using the Rudder in Thermal Flying

Dr. Mark Drela explains why and how of using rudder during thermal flying. Get efficient!

DLG Not-So-Secrets

“Doctor” Denny Maize gives you a download of wisdom he’s learned the hard way over the years.

CG Location

Dr. Mark Drela is back to drop some science on you! Learn how to accurately gauge your CG location. Get ‘er dialed in!

Bruce’s DLG Clinic

Team Polecat’s own Bruce Davidson gives you some insight into how he practices and how he flys DLG!